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March 27, 2008


Blane Young

I have found the resource page on the ARC website very informative, not only for church planters but to give innovation into a ministry specifically when a new senior leader is incoming.

I do have one question, where do the 35 people on the plant team come from? What are their roles?

billy hornsby

Blaine, church planters gather these teams in different ways. Here are some sources: Friends, family, members from sending church, and anyone who will listen to your vision and desire to be a part from the city where you are launching. Newspaper, website, and word of mouth will help you recruit a launch team. Thanks for your comments. Billy

Carole Plemmons

Hi Billy - a voice from your long distant past! Paula Head sent me the UTube video of Charlene and it took me back 30 years to Chatham. What precious memories! Bob went on to be with our Lord in Jan. of 2001. My own health is pretty rocky and I live with Andy and his wonderful wife and two sons in Fayetteville, AR. Please tell Charlene she and you are in my thoughts and constant prayers. How I'd love to have a sit-down, all-day visit with the two of you. So much to catch up on! I'd love to contact her by e-mail, if that is possible. My love to you both, Carole

damon medic

You certainly can't beat moments with your family in the presence of our almighty God! From God comes all good things. God Bless You!

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